New And Exciting Things Are Coming!

We’ve been in business for awhile now and its been quite a ride. We’ve brought in more crystal selections, a Metaphysical area, local hand made candles and apothecary products, yoga clothes, and curios!

Soon we will be adding Yankee and WoodWick candles to our lineup! We are hoping that we can better serve the candle needs of our customers.

We absolutely love our Mountain Made line, and so do our customers, but now we will be able to offer tapers, votives, tea lights, as well as flameless options.

We are really excited and hope they add to the crystal buying experience.

We’ve Been Open for 2 Months!

We’ve been open for 2 months now and boy what a ride its been. I haven’t even had time to update the website with all the new wonderful stock. We are also expanding already to a bigger, better spot. So, once the new place is up and running (it needs a lot of work) and I get my apothecary moved in I’ll start updating stock on the site.

We are Getting There!

Its taken us a long time to get to this point. Finally a website where Julian Mountain Gems & Minerals can live until we get our physical store open. We are getting there!

We of course will keep up this store too. We won’t be having a physical location until we find the right space. In a small town, that isn’t so easy. So, we will live solely here for awhile.

In the next week I hope to get pictures and start populating the store. We have so much beautiful stock  just sitting here and we got more in today!  We got clear quartz towers, smokey quartz towers, and black phantom quartz points. Absolutely gorgeous stuff.

New stock