About Julian Mountain Gems & Minerals

Julian Mountain Gems & Minerals is a crystal and mineral shop located in the picturesque old Gold Rush Mining town of Julian California. Now a days we are better known for our apple pie, but there are still active mines in the area.

We source our crystals and minerals from the local mines as well as mines from outside our area. We go to great lengths to make sure that our products are mined ethically, responsibly, and sustainably. This isn’t easy to do. Mining is a pretty massively destructive endeavor, but the fruits of workers’ hard labor is brought to you with as much care and love as possible.

While we do specialize in mostly quartz, fluorite, and tourmaline, we also carry other crystals and minerals. If there is ever something you are looking and you don’t see it here, don’t hesitate to contact us. We should be able to find it for you.

We look forward to bringing you the most beautiful gifts the earth has to give!

-Julian Mountain Gems & Minerals

Julian CA
Downtown Julian